Treadmill with TV and Speakers for CD, MP3 Players.

Bored with your Treadmill, want to watch TV while your on your Treadmill but don't want to crane your neck or worry about wires the StrengthMaster MI-411 Treadmill with built-in TV is the answer.

As well as a TV screen and speakers, the treadmill also has a speaker input for an MP3 player, DVD player and CD player.

Treadmill with Built-In TV, Speakers, CD, MP3 Player, StrengthMaster MI-411

Treadmill with TV.

You know what its like, your running on your treadmill, starring at the speed and calories display, nothing to do except get bored running.

You try to listen to your MP3 player, but the earphones keep falling out of your ears as you jog up and down, and the wires keep moving as you move pulling the ear phones out of your ears.

You know the only solution is to listen to DVD's, MP3's, CD's or the TV through speakers, but it's just all to much hassle for a simple workout.

Now the StrengthMaster MI-411 with built-in TV and speakers solves all that, no wires, no gadgets, everything built-in.

Off course the treadmill still has all the usual features and is highly specified with 14 programme exercise computer, large running track, handlebar speed controls and pulse sensors for heartbeat measurement.

The treadmill also folds out of the way when not in use, so don't worry about cluttering up your house with a big treadmill, simply fold the StrengthMaster up and store under your stairs or in a cupboard or pushed against the wall out the way.
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