TrimMaster CT115 Programmable Cross Trainer.

TrimMaster CT115 Programmable Cross Trainer with Low Frame Entry so Easy To Climb On.

If your recovering from injury and have limited mobility or you have problems lifting your leg high then the TrimMaster CT115 Programmable Cross Trainer is for you as it features a low frame entry design that makes it easy to stand on the cross trainer pedals without having to climb or lift your legs up to get on board.
TrimMaster CT115 Programmable Cross Trainer, Low Frame Entry.

Low Frame Entry, Easy To Climb On.

The TrimMaster CT115 Programmable Cross Trainer has a smooth elliptical movement with a rear mounted flywheel to smooth out the individual cross trainer steps and make the motion very fluid and not bumpy or jerky there's 16 different resistance levels to exercise with its the resistance level that governs how hard it is to move the pedals more resistance and its harder less resistance and its easier although the more resistance you have the quicker your reach your exercise goals but start off with a lower level of resistance and increase gradually as your fitness levels improve.

There's 12 built in exercise programmes for you to use simply select an exercise programme from the options ion the digital display unit there are exercise programmes to help you lose weight, build muscle and to strengthen and tone both arms and legs as well as upper body and lower body specific areas.

With a 15 inch stride length there's plenty of room for even the longest of legs as the taller you are the bigger your stride and if you use an elliptical cross trainer with a stride length that's too small for you your find your not able to move your legs to full stretch but feel cramped and feel like your not getting a full exercise as you can't move your legs far enough with the 15 inch stride length that's not a problem your have on the TrimMaster CT115 Programmable Cross Trainer.
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