Tunturi T30 Treadmill, easy to fold, easy to move.

The Tunturi T30 Folding Treadmill is easy to fold and easy to move thanks to the special treadmill wheels that only engage when the treadmill is folded.

As well as being a very easy treadmill to store the Tunturi T30 Folding Treadmill is fully featured with a large size running area of 20 x 59 inches, the larger the running area the more stable you feel as beginners find it's hard to run on a narrow strip treadmill, with the large running area of the Tunturi you won't have such problems.

Tunturi T30 Folding Treadmill, Easy to Fold and Move

Tunturi T30 Folding Treadmill

Your heart rate is monitored from sensors in the handgrips and the heart rate display is also compatible with wireless heart rate receiver equipment like chest straps and watches that transmit your heart rate to the treadmills screen, so if you have such equipment already or are thinking of buying it, they will work with your Tunturi.

There are 3 heart rate controlled programmes on the Tunturi Treadmill, these special programmes monitor your heart rate as you run or walk and automatically adjust the speed, effort and incline of the treadmill to match your heart rate, faster if your heart rate says you're not making much effort and slower if you're running to fast.

Heart rate controlled programmes like these are a very good replacement for an exercise trainer as your 'heart rate can't lie', your either finding it to easy, to hard or just right and the treadmill computer knows this and adjusts your workout programme accordingly. As with a exercise trainer the programme will make you work harder and reach your goals, you can adjust the heart rate programmes making the exercise session longer or shorter, including inclines or flat running or walking.

As well as heart rate control programmes the Tunturi treadmill has other running or walking courses you can select and even 3 user profiles where you can set preferences and have the computer save them, remembering your weight, age, speeds and inclines etc, with 3 user customisable profiles you can share the treadmill with 3 other users and all have their settings remembered by the treadmill.
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