Umbro Stadium Table Football Game.

Umbro Stadium Table Football Game with Goal Scorer, Display, Floodlights and Four Player Rods On Each Side.

The classic Umbro game, table football in a large table with legs, the stadium features working LED floodlights and an electronic goal scorer that actually senses the goals being scored and displays the goals on screen, there's four player rods on each side and the players are coloured red and blue for the other side.
Umbro Stadium Table Football Game, Goal Scorer, Display, Floodlights.

Goal Scorer, Display, Floodlights, Four Player Rods On Each Side.

The players are in 1-2-5-3 formation which gives you the most mid fielders and three players close to the oppositions goal ready to take ownership of the ball plus two defenders to keep the opposing teams ball out of your goal.

The realistic stadium even has crowd scenes and Umbro advertising on the sides there's a separate one man goalie rod to make the rods easier to operate and all the rods are made from stainless steel with large rubber handles which make it easier for even the youngest children to play.

The table football game comes flat packed for home assembly and all the tools you need (and you don't need many) are included as are full instructions.

The pylon legs of the football table have leg levellers which you simply twist to make one leg of the table higher or lower independently of the other legs so you can make the table football table sit flat on any uneven floor.

The stainless steel poles have a thick diameter so they won't fall out of the table or get bent or damaged in any way no matter how vigorous the children's or adults game play.

Ideal for children of all ages this classic children's game has become a firm favourite in many homes and with a much reduced price plus free delivery your getting a great deal.
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