Fold flat treadmill

The BodyTrain GW22 is a treadmill under 100 pounds in cost, it's still fully featured with pulse sensors in the handlebars and a heart rate monitor as well as a training computer, it just costs a lot less thanks to it's clever strider system.

The BodyTrain GW22 folds completely flat when not in use, not a little bit flat or something pulls off to make it look smaller, but completely flat, you could put the folded treadmill behind a door or out of the way in the shed or garage.

Under 100 Pound Treadmill, BodyTrain GW22 Strider

Under 100 Pound Treadmill.

The great price of the GW22 is thanks to its strider mechanism, in expensive treadmills a costly electric motor pulls the running belt along like a giant conveyor belt in a department store, well who's doing the running here you or the electric motor, with no electric motor to worry about the BodyTrain GW22 works by your running effect moving the belt along, it's better for your fitness, it's better for the environment as less electricity is used and it's much better for your pocket as it cost's a lot less too.

Your effort level is controlled by a resistance wheel, turn clockwise for more resistance requiring more effort and anti-clockwise for less resistance requiring less effort to move the treadmill.

The on board running display unit shows your heart rate so you can see how hard your working, if your heart rate is too high, stop or slow down, maybe reduce your effort level by turning the resistance wheel down, if your heart rate is low, you can stop fooling yourself, your not making enough effort, add a bit of resistance and go for it.

The display unit also shows calories burned so you can see exactly how long it took you to burn off that packet of crisps you had last night.

The Strider Treadmill is designed for both walking and running, so if your not up to running, that's ok, just walk to get fit, walking no faster than you feel comfortable with.

A treadmill for under 100 pounds and so easy to use, order today and be running tomorrow.
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