V-Fit MTE3 Manual Magnetic Elliptical Trainer.

V-Fit MTE3 Manual Magnetic Elliptical Trainer that Won't Wobble with Adjustable Feet For Uneven Floors.

The V-Fit MTE3 Manual Magnetic Elliptical Trainer has adjustable feet and can be made to sit flat on the most uneven floors you can use the elliptical trainer on carpet, wooden floorboards no matter how unlevel, ceramic tiles, concrete floors, wooden decking, lino and may other floor types.
V-Fit MTE3 Manual Magnetic Elliptical Trainer, Won't Wobble.

Won't Wobble, Adjustable Feet For Uneven Floors

The handlebars are height adjustable both up and down so if you're tall you can extend the handlebars and if you're short you can reduce the handlebar size so you're able to cross train without stretching or leaning over.

The rear frame end caps are twist adjustable to make the end caps rise upwards or lower so the elliptical trainer will sit on any floor type, you don't need any tools to twist the end caps so it's easy to make fine adjustments to make sure you have got the elliptical trainer sitting exactly straight so your have no wobble or vibration noises.

The silver finish used on the V-Fit MTE3 Manual Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is both scratch and chip resistant so your have an elliptical that looks good for years and with dual action handlebars you can use the fixed and moving handlebars for the type of exercise your after use the fixed handlebars for step exercises shaping, toning, strengthening and fat loss off buttocks, thighs, hips, ankles, calves and tummy and the moving handlebars for upper body work on the shoulders, arms and tummy.

There's an 11 inch stride length which means if your tall your have plenty of room with the cross trainer pedal extending to your full stride length so you don't exercise with half strides which will lead to sore and aching legs and ineffective exercise.

There's an 8 step resistance selector mounted directly in front of you as you stand on the elliptical trainer, use this to select how hard you want it to be to move the pedals around.
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