V-Fit Magnetic Elliptical Trainer.

V-Fit Magnetic Elliptical Trainer with Dual Elliptical Action and Forward or Reverse Motion.

The V-Fit Magnetic Elliptical Trainer has two sets of handlebars (dual handlebars) the reason for this is that you can use the two handlebars to exercise different parts of the body, one of the handlebars is fixed and does not move whilst the other longer handlebars is the moving handlebar use the shorter fixed handlebars for working the lower body to shape, tone, strength and lose body fat on the thighs, hips, tummy, buttocks and calves and use the moving handlebars to exercise the upper body shoulders, arms and stomach.
V-Fit Magnetic Elliptical Trainer, Dual Elliptical Action.

Dual Eliptical Action, Forward or Reverse Motion

One the V-Fit Magnetic Elliptical Trainer you can move the cross trainer pedals around forwards or backwards its like being left handed or right handed it does not matter which way you pedal its just that some people prefer to pedal backwards whilst others prefer to pedal forwards the only thing is not all elliptical cross trainer allow you to pedal backwards sop if you know you like to pedal backwards or you have never tried an elliptical trainer and think you might prefer pedalling backwards or if your buying an elliptical trainer for the family to use then better buy the V-Fit Magnetic Elliptical Trainer and know you are able to pedal backwards.

You can easily adjust how difficult it is to move the elliptical trainer pedals round with the resistance control which is an easy to turn resistance wheel located on fixed support at the front of the elliptical trainer and within easy reach when your exercising, there are eight different levels of resistance to choose from and you can change resistance without having to stop exercising.

One the digital display you can see your calorie consumption which shows how many calories you have lost due to your exercise on the elliptical trainer and is great for your motivation as your find yourself wanting to exercise for longer so you can watch the calories count up.
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