VFit Magnetic Elliptical Cycle.

VFit Magnetic Elliptical Cycle the Combined Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike that's 2 Machines In 1.

Want a way to exercise the whole body and like both exercise bikes and elliptical trainers but don't have the space at home for both then take a look at the VFit Magnetic Elliptical Cycle its an elliptical trainer that's combined with a exercise bike into the one piece of exercise equipment.
VFit Magnetic Elliptical Cycle, Combined Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike.

Combined Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike, 2 Machines In 1.

You get dual handlebars just like on a standalone elliptical trainer the fixed handlebars are for a step machine action that works your lower body shaping and toning legs, thighs, buttocks, hips, calves and tummy muscles whilst the moving handlebars give you a full body workout just like the lower body but with the addition of working the shoulders and arms.

As well as p[addles for the elliptical trainer there's also separate pedals for the exercise bike and a seat so you can do all your cycling on the exercise bike and combine it with the moving handlebars for a elliptical and exercise bike combined exercise which means you have the benefit of working your whole body whilst sad down on the saddle as your be cycling with your legs and moving your arms with the elliptical trainer handlebars.

The elliptical trainer is a dual action machine meaning you can move the elliptical pedals backwards as well as forwards the reason for this is that some people juts naturally prefer to pedal backwards on an elliptical trainer but not all elliptical trainers support pedalling backwards but the VFit Magnetic Elliptical Cycle does.

There's a 4.5kg flywheel inside the VFit Magnetic Elliptical Cycle and this makes both the cycling action and the elliptical, trainer action very smooth as the flywheels evens out any jerky motions into smooth cycling and smooth cross training.

In the handlebars your find pulse sensors these measure your pulse rate when you hold the handlebars.

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