Multigym, Smith Machine and Weight Bench.

If you're looking for a Very Strong Multigym then the all in one Multigym Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine Weight Bench is for you, but just how strong is it you ask, well the steel cables connecting the weights are made from very strong 900kg Tensile Strength Aircraft Cable, that's cable as used on aircraft with a breaking strain of 142 stone!

The frame is an all steel construction with a raised cage meaning legs lift the cage clear off the floor so the sturdy feet on the legs keep this strong multigym from banging and making noise against your floor, if you have ever exercised on a wobbly or shifting multigym you will know how dangerous that can be and the noise and scratching that will interrupt your exercise routine and upset your neighbours, you just don't get those problems with the well designed Marcy SM4000.

Very Strong Multigym Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine Weight Bench

Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine and Weight Bench.

So exactly what exercises can you do on this very strong multigym you have a pec deck, a lat bar, triceps rope, shivers bar, ankle strap with both single handle and chromed v-bars, a separate utility bench with both an arm curl pad and leg developer, so pretty much any exercise you would want from a weight bench, Smith machine or multigym is available.

This very strong multigym is for the serious home gym professional or someone who may be overweight and wanting a machine that is strong and sturdy enough to help them get fit and stay fit.

The Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine Weight Bench has a grey powder coat paint which is very durable and hardwearing, it won't chip or scratch easily and will give years of service.

Both upper and lower body movements are catered for with the 7 degree slant frame structure which allows movement in 7 different directions of degrees.

All striker plates and bars are commercial grade chrome plated for added strength and durability.

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