Cheap Vibration Plate.

The Body Sculpture BM1500 Vibration Plate tones muscle and improves circulation whilst rehabilitating damaged ligaments, muscles and tendons.

The vibration plate is ideal for improving your general fitness as well as improving muscle tone, Vibration training is one of the newest machines to be found in the gym and now at this low price you can have a vibration plate machine i your own home.

Vibration Plate - Body Sculpture BM1500 : Power Trainer

Improve Circulation.

There's no setup or building of the vibration plate required it comes ready to use, just plug it in and read the included instruction guide on how best to use your vibration plate.

If you easily get bored of exercising then vibration training is for you as all exercises are completed within 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 120 seconds.

A full exercise chart is included with the Body Sculpture BM1500 and this will enable you to see the latest exercise techniques used with a vibration plate and to enjoy the latest vibration training exercises.

You can easily adjust the vibration speed to suit your level of vibration training from slow vibration to fast vibrations, for best results mix up the vibrations over time, sometimes faster, sometimes slower and continue to vibration train over a period of time to tone and strengthen your muscles.

The Body Sculpture BM1500 Power Trainer is an all steel frame construction vibration plate so its sturdy in use and will last for many years, it has a maximum user weight limit of 100kg or 16 stone and so is suitable for light as well as the larger user safe in the knowledge that the motors are designed for a larger person and the all steel construction will make for a sturdy exercise regime.

You can easily adjust the height of the vibration plate handles so it's a good choice of power plate for the tall and shorter person you won't need to stretch up to the handles or bend down causing bad posture with this power plate.

This vibration plate is designed for the home and has transport wheels that touch the floor when you tilt the power plate making the power plate very easy to wheel about your home and store in an out of the way place when not in use.
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