Vitesse Advanced Weight Bench.

Review of the Vitesse Advanced Weight Bench the Home Workout Bench with Press Bar, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Butterfly Bars, Arm Curls.

The Vitesse Advanced Weight Bench is an excellent home workout bench as you get a full range of equipment all of which is built into the one workout bench, the equipment works your whole body both your upper body and your lower body and includes a backrest with an adjustable incline so you can move the backrest to any position from flat down to straight upright.
Vitesse Advanced Weight Bench, Home Workout Bench.

Home Workout Bench, Press Bar, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Butterfly Bars, Arm Curls.

There's a set of butterfly bars on the lower left and right hand side, that's great value tom have butterfly bars included and an original design to incorporate butterfly bars in such a compact design.

You get leg extension and leg curl bars with foam supports on the bars to prevent injury and to help align your legs into the correct workout position for maximum benefit of your exercise.

There's an arm curl pad which is well padded for good support in use and there's a weight rest with locks so when not in use you can lock the weight bar onto the stand to prevent the bar falling off and causing injury.

The bar rests are fully height adjustable and can be adjusted to be a high standing position or set right down low to be a good height for lying flat on your back, the choice is yours.

The seat, backrest and arm curl pad are orange in colour with black detailing and look superb against the mat black metal finish of the weight bench, the Vitesse Advanced Weight Bench is made from strong steel box section and has a maximum user weight of 120kg or 16 stone.

Delivery is free so you won't have to pay a penny for the delivery which is just as well because quality weight benches have a bit of weight.
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