Walker and Simpson Azure 7ft Slate Bed Table and Accessories.

Walker and Simpson Azure 7ft Slate Bed Table and Accessories choose Mahogany, Beech Wood or Oak Wood Effect and Red, Blue or Green Cloth.

There's lots of choice with this 7 foot slate bed pool, snooker and billiards table you can choose between mahogany wood effect or beech wood or oak and you can also choose the colour of the cloth from red, blue or green.
Walker and Simpson Azure 7ft Slate Bed Table and Accessories, Mahogany, Beech Wood, Oak Wood Effect.

Mahogany, Beech Wood, Oak Wood Effect, Red, Blue, Green Cloth.

Also included is a dining table cover this is a fabulous idea especially if you don't have room for a 7ft slate pool table, instead buy a 7ft dining room table because that's exactly what you get when you put the included mahogany, beech or oak wood cover over the table cloth turning your games table into a beautiful dining table that will get many nice comments as a superb dining room table as well as being a superb pool, snooker and billiards table.

This table has four sturdy wooden legs that will support your weight as you lean across the table to take a shot and with a 20mm thick (2cm) slate bed you get a supper flat table for excellent game play and if your own floors are not flat then don't worry because the adjustable height legs (that's the chrome coloured metal at the end of the wooden legs) can be adjusted individually to take account of uneven floors as well as to higher or lower the table making it easier for children to play.

There's an automatic ball return so you don't have to fetch the balls as you pot them from the holes because with automatic ball return the balls will roll down to the side of the table and into the return queue which makes racking up and putting the balls back on the table a lot quicker.

You get two cues for playing snooker, pool or billiards as well as a set of American pool balls and a set of snooker balls and a box of 12 chalks for chalking the cues as well as a table triangle and a table brush to keep the dirt off the table.

There's a one year warranty and free delivery and the cues, balls and dining room cover are included.
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