Walker and Simpson Galahad 7ft Pool and Snooker Table.

Walker and Simpson Galahad 7ft Pool and Snooker Table with Beech or Mahogany Table and Blue, Green or Red Felt.

Choose between a beech wood or a mahogany wood effect table and blue, green or red cloth on this very good looking real slate table that has 2cm of solid slate as its bed creating a very flat table and with adjustable height levellers on the wooden legs you can make the table sit level on any uneven floor.
Walker and Simpson Galahad 7ft Pool and Snooker Table, Beech or Mahogany Table.

Beech or Mahogany Table, Blue, Green, Red Felt.

Use this table for either pool or snooker as you get both sets of balls as well as cues, triangle and chalk so everything you need for your first game at home.

The table legs are straight and finished with chrome look leg levellers and chrome look corners to stop the corners of the table getting damaged the cushions are on all sides of the table and there's six pockets on this beautiful table.

If you like the look of wood then your love these wood effect tables as your be hard pressed to tell the difference between these tables and the real thing except the price is so very much cheaper and you get free delivery and one years free warranty.

You fit the table legs on yourself when the table is delivered and the simple tool you need to do that is included in the box.

If your looking for a larger pool table or snooker table for your home then the Galahad is the one to buy as not only is it a beautiful snooker table but its also a good looking piece of furniture that is sure to get lots of great comments.

Whether you like pool or snooker best it does not matter as you get both sets of balls so you can play both games on this table that's sure to keep everyone happy for many hours.
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