Walker and Simpson Ultimate 7ft Slate Bed Table.

Walker and Simpson Ultimate 7ft Slate Bed Table with Automatic Ball Return for Snooker, Billiards or American Pool.

This 7ft slate bed table is made for pool, billiards and snooker and comes with a set of American pool balls and a set of snooker balls plus a dozen chalks in a box and a table triangle and table brush so you have all you need for your first game of pool, billiards or snooker.
Walker and Simpson Ultimate 7ft Slate Bed Table, Automatic Ball Return.

Automatic Ball Return, Snooker, Billiards or American Pool.

An automatic ball return is included so you don't have to empty the pockets and the pockets won't end up full of balls as automatically each time you pot a ball the ball will travel down to the ball queue on the end of the table ready for reracking.

This table features a real slate bed with 20mm thick real slate to provide the table with a super flat surface and a heavy weight, the strong wing legs are height adjustable (from the metal leg adjuster at the bottom of the wooden legs) to cope with uneven floors as each leg can be adjusted independently.

The table is a classic pool, snooker or billiard club table and would look good in any home, business or recreation area.

You can choose between a black body table and a brown body table and choose green, blue or red cloth felt.

The table comes with two cues, chalks, triangle and a brush for the table cloth with everything you need for a game of pool, billiards or snooker.

This table has a professional grade felt and cushions on the table as well as chrome coloured end protectors and a solid bed and table that is strong enough to support your weight as you manoeuvre for a shot.

The table is delivered flat packed for limited home assembly which means all your really need to do is attach the legs.

Free delivery and a one year guarantee.
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