Blue, Pink or Extra Thick Yoga Mats.

The Warrior Yoga Mat is available in blue or pink colours with a 4mm thickness and also available in an extra thick 6mm mat.

The pink, blue and extra thick Yoga mats are machine washable and have the following size 183cm length x 61cm width or in inches, 72 inches length x 24 inches width.

Warrior Yoga Mat in Blue or Pink Colours or Extra Thick Plus Mat

Warrior Yoga Mats.

Whilst the extra thick plus mat is blue in colour and has a thickness of 6mm or 0.24 inches, the standard pink or blue mat is 4mm or 0.15 inches in thickness.

All these Yoga mats have free delivery.

The extra thick 6mm mat is blue in colour with a two tone blue effect.

The 4mm Yoga mat is great for Yoga goers, it's easy to roll up after a Yoga class and machine washable so it's always looking its best.

183cm is a full 6 feet in length, so if your taller, don't worry, you will still fit on the Yoga mat even when stretching on the mat.

The 6mm extra thick Yoga mat has more padding than the pink and blue 4mm mats and will prove extra comfortable, it's still machine washable with a two tone blue colour that will keep you feeling mellow and balanced.

If you have been struggling with a smaller Yoga mat where you keep finding yourself exercising on the church hall floor instead of your Yoga mat, then upgrade to these Warrior mats for added comfort and cleanliness, being machine washable it's easy to throw them in the washing machine if the floor was a bit dusty or your Yoga mat picked up some dirt.

If you're feeling funky get the pink coloured Yoga mat, or if you just want a basic colour mat get the blue Yoga mat which is available in two thicknesses 4mm for everyday use or if your Yoga venue's floor is particularly uncomfortable get the padded 6mm Yoga mat.

Whichever mat you get, you will appreciate the machine washable fabric and the extra length, 6 foot length, so plenty of space to spread out.
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