Weight Bench including Pull Down Bar and Leg Extensions.

Looking for a Weight Bench for use at home and want to get the best value for money. The BodyTrain XB-505 weight bench includes a Pull Down Bar and a Leg Extension station, so you get more gym machines included in this one multibench.

The Weight Bench includes stations for bicep curls, butterfly curls, leg extensions, pull down bar, lat pulldown bar, standard weight rest, pectoral workout, deltoid workout, front lat pulldowns, rear lat pulldowns, assisted crunches, tricep extension, leg station and leg curls.

Weight Bench with Pull Down Bar and Leg Extensions, BodyTrain XB-505

Weight Bench.

That's a lot of stations, and a lot of exercises in one machine, the BodyTrain MultiBench will save you money, there's no need to buy all these separate pieces of equipment when the MultiBench is all you need.
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