WeightMaster Bench Presses do butterfly bars, leg curls, leg extensions, bicep curls, lat pulldown bar.

Bench Presses like the WeightMaster Bench Press and Bench Gym use standard weights, standard dumbbell weights, the WeightMaster dumbbell bench press can do butterfly bars, leg curls, leg extensions, bicep curls and lat pulldown bar, that's a lot more exercises than old fashioned bench presses, this is definitely not your fathers bench press, it's of modern design incorporating many more exercises into the one machine.

A strong bench press made from tough tubular steel, with thick padded leg supports, backrest, seat and locking rests.

WeightMaster Bench Presses and Bench Gym

WeightMaster Bench Presses.

With the bench press you can use the butterfly bars, lat pulldown bar, the bench press of course, bicep curls, preacher curls, leg flex, leg extensions and use standard weights that you already have.

The bicep curl bar folds flat when not in use so the bench press is easy to store.

The backrest can be used in either the horizontal or vertical position and has 7 separate adjustments for any angle between the two.

The WeightMaster bench press is very comfortable, your spend a long time training on your bench press so you want a bit of comfort, why put up with old style bench presses, the new generation of WeightMaster bench press are so much more than your fathers bench press.

The WeightMaster bench gym is a multigym that includes a weight bench so you get several different pieces of fitness equipment on the one weight bench a lot better than buying a separate weight bench on its own where you are limited to one piece of equipment and the compact nature of the weight bench means that you have a whole multigym at home that's not taking up much room in your home.

The weight bench has a bar rest with locking clips so you can leave your long bar weights on the bar rest and lock the weights onto the bar rest so the weights can't fall off if you have children in the house this is a valuable safety feature to prevent injury.

The seat and backrest are fully adjustable from a conventional upright position to completely flat and having an adjustable backrest means that you can provide lumbar support for your back when lifting weights which is very important to help prevent back injury and to support your back should you be suffering from back problems already.

There's a lat pull down bar which you can use for forward or reverse lat pull downs sitting on the bench seat facing forwards or backwards your be able to do weight exercises on your arms and shoulders.

You also get a nicely padded chest press that is both a straight chest press and a butterfly press the difference being that the straight press goes all the way and a butterfly press only goes back to a forty five degree angle in a butterfly wing action you would use the straight press to work more o your chest and the butterfly press to work more on shoulder muscles.

There's also a removable arm rest for doing bicep curls and because its removable you can take the arm rest off the home gym when not in use to give you more space to exercise.
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