Weslo Elite Gear 2.0 Cross Trainer.

Weslo Elite Gear 2.0 Cross Trainer with Dual Handlebars and Step Machine with Fixed Handlebars and Moving Handlebars for Full Body Workout.

The Weslo Elite Gear 2.0 Cross Trainer is a smart white gloss coloured cross trainer with orange end panel and black soft touch handlebars the cross trainer features two sets of handlebars (dual handlebars) with the fixed set of handlebars providing a step machine action shaping an d toning the lower body and the moving handlebars working the whole body lower body and upper body simultaneously.
Weslo Elite Gear 2.0 Cross Trainer, Dual Handlebars.

Dual Handlebars, Step Machine Fixed Handlebars, Moving Full Body Workout.

The fixed handlebars shape and tone the stomach muscles, thighs, hips, buttocks and calf muscles in the back of your legs whilst the moving handlebars also work the shoulder muscles and arm muscles in addition to the lower body exercise so your getting a full body workout.

On the fixed handlebars your find stainless steel pulse sensors built into the soft touch handlebar grips hold these whilst you exercise and your pulse rate will be displayed on the digital display unit which is mounted behind the fixed handlebars and within easy reach when your cross training.

There's a variable resistance control knob mounted below the fixed handlebars and this can be turned clockwise to increase the resistance and anti clockwise to reduce the resistance, the resistance is how hard it is to move the cross trainer pedals more resistance and its harder to cross train but your exercise benefits will be higher as your burn fat faster, lose weight faster, strengthen and tone muscles faster but you need an exercise programme that's sustainable so you can keep doing it without giving up so start with a low level of resistance and gradually increase as your fitness levels improve.

There's a rear mounted flywheel inside the Weslo Elite Gear 2.0 Cross Trainer this provides a smoothing action to your cross training making even erratic movements on the cross trainer pedals into a smooth stroke that does not wobble and does not feel mechanical.
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