Water Powered Rowing Machine

WaterRower Internationals Wooden Rowing Machine is powered by water, the water flywheel provides the resistance for your rowing machine workout.

The water rowing machine is made from solid Ash wood with a hand finished Honey Oak stain and stands upright for easy storage when not in use.

Wooden Rowing Machine, Water Flywheel Powered

Wooden Rowing Machine

The wooden rowing machine is delivered free of charge and comes with a 1 year guarantee and if you fill in the free registration card your guarantee will be upgraded free of charge to 5 years guarantee on the frame and 3 years guarantee on all other parts, just for filling in the registration card and posting it in.

The water rowing machine is unique in that the resistance that you row against, which is normally provided by electric fans is provided by a flywheel moving through water, in fact the rowing machine has a clear glass bowl where you can see the water and flywheel and watch the flywheel turning whilst you row.

Normal rowing machines have mechanical resistance which jar your body as you row and are bad for your knees and joints, with the smooth flow of water resistance rowing you have a much more natural row, a more natural row because in real rowing you are rowing against the force of water, just like you are with the water rower.

The included LCD console display shows meters per second, mph, time to do 500 meters, strokes per minute, distance travelled, kilometres and miles travelled, and total strokes and time taken.

With a maximum user (that's you) weight of 200kg or 31.5 stone anyone can use this rowing machine from the young to the old, from the fit to the unfit.

In fact not many rowing machines have such a high maximum user weight, so if your a little on the large size a water rowing machine is ideal.

The solid wood rowing machine is made from very strong Ash wood, that is not only strong but is very beautiful to look at and the Honey Oak stain which is hand applied just adds to that beautiful wooden finish.

The natural choice a wooden rowing machine powered by water.
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