Shock Absorbing York Diamond T302 Treadmill.

The York Diamond T302 Treadmill has an adjustable cushioned running deck to act like a shock absorber for your legs and feet as you run.

With a maximum running speed of 20 kph or 12.4 mph, the York Diamond T302 Treadmill is plenty fast enough for even the fastest runners.

York Diamond T302 Treadmill with Cushioned Running Deck

York Diamond T302 Treadmill.

The adjustable running deck can be made softer or harder underfoot, a slider on the side of the running deck changes the softness/hardness of the running surface so if you like a softer run simply raise the slider and if you like a harder run simply lower the slider, this adjusts the shock absorbing mechanism inside the treadmills running deck.

Perfect if your concerned about your joints being pounded as you run, perfect if your elderly and want a more sedate run or walk that won't cause undue joint pain.

In the handle bars you will find pulse sensors, simply holding the handle bars causes the treadmill to sense your pulse rate through your hands and calculate your heartbeat which is displayed on screen.

The York Diamond treadmill also contains a wireless receiver so you can use a watch or chest strap that can transmit the heartrate directly to the T302 treadmill, these heartbeat watches and heartbeat chest straps are very common place, any standard strap or watch will work.

The treadmill has 22 workout programs offering cardio workout, walking, running, marathon, calorie burner, keep fit and many more.

Three of these workout programs are HRC programs, Heart Rate Control programs, here the treadmill reads your heartrate and uses this information to adjust your running course, making the going easier or harder depending on what feedback the heartrate monitor is receiving on your condition, it's like having your own personal trainer.

The heart rate control programs are not just limited to running, you can use them when walking as well, you have full control over how hard you want to run, and whether you want an incline (hill) and how high.
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