100kg Weights from the York G101 Cheap Multigym.

The York G101 cheap multigym has all the features you will need, supplied with a 50kg weight stack in increments of 5kg and a maximum resistance of 100kg.

This cheap multigym is five different exercise machines in one, you get a chest press, arm curls, lat pulldown (lateral pulldowns), rower and leg developer.

York G101 Cheap Multigym

York G101 Multigym.

With each piece of gym equipment you can lift as much or as little weight as you like in steps of 5 kg, the minimum weight is 5kg, the maximum weight is 100kg, so in total you have 100kg of weights.

Here's how the weights work, you start off with 5kg and you can increase the amount of weights 5kg at a time until you reach 50kg, then when you're at 50kg you can apply a cable resistance of 50kg, then if you add your weight stack onto the 50kg cable resistance you can increase the weights 5kg at a time from a starting point of 50kg cable resistance until you reach 100kg total weight.

If you want to improve your chest, men to get a larger chest, and women to get a firmer chest then use the chest press, it will also improve the muscle definition in your arms.

If your looking to work on your arms and increase the muscles in your arms then use the arm curls.

To get bigger shoulders use the lateral pulldown or for an all round cardiovascular (CV) exercise use the cable rower, and if you want to improve the muscles in your legs use the leg developer.

The amazing thing about the York G101 is that for any of these 5 exercise machines you can use all the weights supplied, so if you wanted to could lift 100kg of weight with any exercise, that's a lot of weight, so start small and build up slowly.

The seats and pads are all well upholstered, just because you're working out doesn't mean you shouldn't be comfortable.
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