Narrow Stance Weight Bench.

The York Narrow Stance Weight Bench is ideal for use in the home as it folds up after use for easy storage, with thick padded seats it's comfortable to use even for an extended number of reps.

With a max load of 300kg the York Narrow Stance Weight Bench shows itself to be a good performer, strong and sturdy construction in a folding design.

York Narrow Stance Weight Bench, Folds for Storage

York Narrow Stance Weight Bench.

You can easily adjust the weight stops through 4 different heights, you can incline and decline the seat from flat to a 85 degree incline (just of the 90 degree vertical).

There's extra lumber support to support your back whilst you lift, remember an unsupported back whilst you lift can lead to strain or injury, not all weight benches support your back like the lumber support on the York design, so always check.

You can use 5 inch and 6 inch bars, so the weight bench will be compatible with whatever bar and weight system you use currently.

The York bench has free delivery, so order today and wait for the courier to drop off your weight bench.

The York weight bench has two years parts and warranty, so if any issues should develop just phone the support number included when you receive your York Bench.

This is a narrow stance or normal stance weight bench, a wider stance weight bench would have you putting your arms and legs out further, which is not advised for general weight training.

Modern York equipment use the grey and bright orange design on their seating which makes for a very attractive piece of weight training equipment and certainly does not look out of place in the home.

With a fully adjustable seat and weight position you can adopt whichever style you find most comfortable, if your lifting weights yourself, without a buddy, don't set the weight rest to high, beyond your reach, remember when you're tired you will have a reduced reach.
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