York Nexus Cross Trainer.

York Nexus Cross Trainer with Piano Black Finish it's Smooth, Silent and Sturdy.

The York Nexus Cross Trainer has luxurious piano black finish, dual handlebars, magnetic resistance and rear mounted 4kg flywheel it's the magnetic resistance that makes the York Nexus Cross Trainer super quiet and the flywheel that makes the cross trainer smooth as the flywheel absorbs all the jerky movements as you move the pedals and makes each stroke more natural whilst the tough steel frame has a lifetime warranty.
York Nexus Cross Trainer, Piano Black Finish.

Piano Black Finish, Smooth, Silent and Sturdy.

The resistance system that controls how hard it is to move the pedals round is electronic and operated from the digital display unit attached between the handlebars, being electronic no manual dials are needed and as well as you being able to adjust the resistance at anytime you like from the control panel the elliptical trainer can also adjust the resistance by itself when your using one of the exercise programmes of course at all times you can override any resistance change from the control pad and even specify the maximum resistance the elliptical trainer should use before the exercise programme starts.

There's 16 levels of magnetic resistance available with level 1 being easy and level 16 being hard, resistance is how hard it is to move the pedals round.

There's an impressive 13.5 inches of stride length available that's the maximum stride that the elliptical trainer accommodates and will give even the longest legs room to exercise with their legs fully stretched out, if your buying this elliptical for the family then its a great choice as different family members will have different leg lengths so a elliptical trainer that can accommodate everyone is the best choice.

As well as 13 standard exercise programmes built in for fat burning, cardio vascular, fun, fast exercise, muscle shape and tone and many others there's also a manual mode for people who like to press just one button and be cross training and there's also 5 heart rate control programmes which will monitor your pulse by the included pulse rate sensor (built into the handlebars) and automatically adjust the exercise programmes for your changing heart rate, its like having your own personal trainer visit you at home.
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