York Perform 220 Cross Trainer.

York Perform 220 Cross Trainer with Self Generating Drive, No Batteries Or Electricity Required, Use Anywhere.

Ever wondered when you look at the power (watts) reading on your cross trainer if that power could be put to good use and used to power the cross trainer rather than relying on mains electrical power and batteries well with the York Perform 220 Cross Trainer that's exactly what happens as the cross trainer is powered by your steps up and down on the cross trainer paddles so not only is it environmentally friendly green power as your making the power yourself but you can also pout the cross trainer anywhere as you don't need to be near a plug socket.
York Perform 220 Cross Trainer, Self Generating Drive.

Self Generating Drive, No Batteries Or Electricity Required, Use Anywhere.

With a stride length of 16 inches taller people won't suffer with cramped legs or legs they feel aren't exercised properly as their legs don't get to stretch fully because with 16 inches of stride length there's plenty of room for the tallest person to exercise with their legs outstretched.

A rear mounted 7kg flywheel smoothes out the individual strides on the cross trainer to make a smooth stride that's not bumpy or mechanical and with 32 levels of magnetic resistance there's lots of variety plus magnetic resistance is totally quiet so you can watch television whilst you cross train and you won't be disturbing anyone.

The beautiful blue LCD display looks good and is very clear and easy to read plus all your exercise statistics are displayed at the same time so you don't have to wait for a scanning mode to cycle round for you to see the statistic your interested in and your exercise programme is drawn on screen as a graphical mountain of bar charts the wider the bar chart the longer the resistance is at a particular level and the higher the bar chart the higher the resistance.
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