York X102 Elliptical Trainer.

York X102 Elliptical Trainer Includes Fitness Test to Track Your Progress As You Improve.

The York X102 Elliptical Trainer has 21 exercise programmes built in to help you get fit, lose weight, strengthen, tone and stay fit and also has a fitness test so you can track your progress to getting fit, run the fitness test and your see the exercise computers estimation of your fitness level, continue to run this test over the coming weeks as your fitness levels improve its great motivation to not only see yourself improve but be able to measure that improvement.
York X102 Elliptical Trainer, Includes Fitness Test.

Includes Fitness Test, Track Your Progress As You Improve.

Built into the handlebars is a pulse sensor and a body fat sensor these stainless steel sensors are held as you hold the handlebars and measure the pulse in the palm of your hands and display the pulse rate on screen as well as using the pulse rate to calculate your heart rate which is also displayed on screen and the body fat sensors measure the resistance across your body which is different for different levels of body fat so your body fat measured using BMI Body Mass Index can be calculated.

On the digital display your see the speed your cross training and the distance you have travelled as well as the calories you have burned whilst cross training your pulse rate and body fat, use the calorie counter for motivation and goal setting for example you can look to burn 300 calories every time you exercise and its great motivation to see your calories count up as it makes you want to exercise harder to see more calories burned.

When your not using your elliptical trainer the display will show the time, date and even room temperature so even when not in use the York trainer is useful and makes a great addition to the room as it looks good with black body, silver top and red handlebars.
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