York X201 Elliptical Trainer.

York X201 Elliptical Trainer with Large Handlebars, Easy Grip and HRC, Heart Rate Control Exercise Programmes.

The York X201 Elliptical Trainer has impressively large and thick handlebars which make them really easy to hold onto and really supportive too as the handlebars move smoothly and don't make your hands and arms shake or wobble where your fatigued just from badly designed handlebars and the fixed handlebars have a soft grip covering with large stainless steel pulse sensors embedded which make the handlebars nice to hold because they feel very strong and robust.
York X201 Elliptical Trainer, Large Handlebars, Easy Grip.

Large Handlebars, Easy Grip, HRC, Heart Rate Control Exercise Programmes.

The York X201 Elliptical Trainer comes with HRC Heart Rate Control programmes these exercised programmes are move advanced than the standard exercise programmes which rely on you entering the maximum resistance level and then adjusting it yourself as the programme runs if you feel it is too low or too high, these type of manual exercise programmes are included in the York X201 Elliptical Trainer you also get Heart Rate Control Programmes.

Heart Rate Control programmes monitor your heart rate (by sensing the pulse in your hands as you hold the handlebars and then calculating your heart rate from your pulse) and automatically adjust the amount of effort that's required to move the cross trainer pedals round by varying the resistance so you never need to adjust the resistance levels manually (although you can if you wish) as the exercise machine monitors your heart rate to see how you are performing and whether you have a safe heart arte and adjusts the effort required if safe and warns you on the digital display if not safe.

The HRC programmes prompt you to enter a maximum heart rate that either you would not like to go above or you would not like to go below the cross trainer computer then adjusts the resistance levels to maintain that heart rate level you specified.
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