York X202 Elliptical Trainer.

York X202 Elliptical Trainer the Heavyweight Home Exercise Machine that's Strong, Stable and Packed With Features.

The York X202 Elliptical Trainer is a heavyweight of home elliptical trainers built strong and for reliability your feel confident on this cross trainer and won't wobble or feel any vibrations the fame of the cross trainer is very strong and the machine itself has all the latest features.
York X202 Elliptical Trainer, Heavyweight Home Exercise Machine.

Heavyweight Home Exercise Machine, Strong, Stable, Packed With Features.

Thanks to the rear mounted flywheel the elliptical trainer is smooth and natural feeling with each downward push on the pedals being smoothed out by the flywheel into a continuous movement that does not suffer from wobble or vibration so you feel more comfortable and are able to exercise for longer.

The York X202 Elliptical Trainer is quiet too thanks to the silent magnetic resistance system this is an electronic resistance system so there are no manual knobs to turn or levers to adjust the reissuance level that's how hard it is to move the pedals up and down is controlled by the buttons below the digital display which is one of the largest digital displays available with huge digits on the screen that you can't ignore from over the other side of the room let alone when standing on the cross trainer.

In the soft grip handlebars which are a blue for the fixed handlebars and black for the moving handlebars your find stainless steel hand pulse and body fat sensors hold the sensors and your pulse is displayed on the large digital display along with your calculated heart rate and your body fat measured using the BMI Body Mass Index method so its great to check your body fat regularly to see how much fat your losing through exercise its more accurate than measuring yourself or weighting yourself.

On the York X202 Elliptical Trainer you can adjust the height of the handlebars to put the handlebars at your own height so you're not having to reach up and get sore arms or having to stoop downwards and get a sore back but its not only the handlebars that adjust the stride length is fully adjustable too so if you have longer legs your want the footplate area lengthened and if you have shorter legs your want it shortened you can make these adjustments without needing any special tools.
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