Folding Running Machines

The BodyTrain T1200 Running Machine is a bestselling running machine, it's got a very bright easy to read display and large handlebars to hold onto whilst you exercise.

This bestselling running machine folds too, so it takes up much less room in storage when not being used, store the running machine in a corner of the room or out of the way in the shed or garage, the BodyTrain T1200 Running Machine also has transport wheels so it's easy to move the running machine around the house, the wheels easily move over carpet, concrete, wood and stone floors.

BodyTrain T1200 Beginners Treadmill

Bestselling BodyTrain T1200.

There's a large red emergency stop button located on the central console directly in front of you, so it's very easy to stop quickly should you get too tired. The emergency stop also has a cord which you can hold in your hand and pull the cord if you are in any difficulty and the running machine will immediately stop, perfect if older people will be using the running machine who require a quick stop and reassurance of the safety cord.

The central console display has a brightly coloured LED readout which is easy to read even in poor light.

There's fourteen exercise programs designed for specific fitness targets like lose weight, tone, road running, circuit, heart rate control, cardiovascular, hill climb, walking etc.

With a fourteen stone maximum weight limit for runners this bestselling BodyTrain T1200 running machine is suitable for all people from youngsters to old aged pensioners and everyone of every weight from lightweight to heavyweight users.
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