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The BodyTrain T1200 is a Cheap Running Machine with some very good features, it's a folding running machine which folds up into half its size for easy storage, this cheap running machine also has a heart rate control programme where sensors in the running machine handlebars actually measure your pulse and use this to display your heart rate on the built-in screen which is mounted within easy reach directly in front of you.

As well as a heartrate control exercise programme the digital display screen also has three seperate digital readouts so unlike other cheap running machines which have to cycle through their readings every few minutes the BodyTrain T1200 can show you all the readings all the time without the need to cycle through.

BodyTrain T1200 Beginners Treadmill

Cheapest BodyTrain T1200 Running Machines.

Another major advantage of this cheap running machine is its folding design, when you're not using the running machine you probably don't want it taking up valuable room in your home and with the unique hydraulic folding design you can simply fold the running machine in half, the running deck moves from its flat position into a vertical position and the whole running machine becomes half the size.

With big handlebars its ideal for runners and walkers who like to hold onto the handlebars whilst they run or walk, not everyone does but if you do this will be a bonus.

The BodyTrain T1200 Treadmill has a large treadmill area with plenty of room for your feet and you to walk or run the way you like to without feeling cramped and penned in the large running area has a suspension system underneath with six shock absorbers these shock absorbers prevent your joints from suffering aches, pain and injury typically a treadmill that does not have a shock absorbing system will cause impact injuries in the knees, ankles, hips, spin, shoulders and neck with the BodyTrain T1200 Treadmill the shock absorbing system prevents the impact caused by running from causing sore or aching joints.

The digital display has a racetrack style display where you can see your progress around the racetrack on the display so if you like to know where you are in an exercise programme, how much further you have to walk or run and how hard or easy the next stage will be then your find the racetrack display very helpful.

There's an emergency stop cord as well as an emergency stop button, simply clip the safety cord to your clothes (an open pocket or a waistband) or simply hold the cord then should you fall or step away from the treadmill your pull on the safety cord and the treadmill will come to an immediate stop its a great safety feature and gives a level of comfort to beginners not familiar with walking or running on a treadmill.

With twelve exercise programmes which are basically different running tracks there's plenty of choice so you won't get bored, each running track is designed with different goals in mind some of the exercise programmes are designed to lose weight whilst others are designed to increase your cardiovascular activity or shape and tome muscles, choose the exercise programme that best meets your goals.
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