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If you're looking for a cheap treadmill consider the Life Fitness T5 treadmill. This running machine is ideal for the home.

Cheap Treadmill, BodyTrain T1000

Reebok, York, Carl Lewis cheap treadmills from beginners running machines to advanced large treadmills at discounted prices.

This easy to use cheap treadmill has controls that are so easy to master, push the start button and you're running or walking on one of many programmed workout routines, you can even make up your own routine, this running machine is cheap in price only, the Life Fitness T5 is fully specified.

The Life Fitness treadmill is almost silent and won't disturb others in your household.

With a heart rate monitoring system included enjoy all the benefits of much more expensive treadmills.

The heart rate monitor is wireless and is compatible with Polar wireless accessories so you can mix and match any running machines accessories you may wish to purchase.

Joint impact is 30% less than road running so you will suffer less aches and pains on the Life Fitness treadmill.

Treadmill controls are all place close at hand so you don't need to stretch or stop your workout to select a different program or option.

With a built in memory function this treadmill even remembers your favourite routines so you can come back to the same settings time and time again.

The included display shows your workout progress and feedback on your performance, these quality features are not what you would normally expect on standard running equipment.

The Life Fitness T3 cheap treadmill is ideal for couples as two user profiles can be remembered, so each user can store all there settings and favourites independent of the other user, no more manually adjusting the treadmill when your partner has been on it.

Fancy reading a book or magazine while you walk or run on this excellent treadmill, the Life Fitness includes a reading rack and water bottle holders as well as iPod and mobile phone holder.

Workouts include hill running/walking, manual control and random program. A sports training program is also available which will prepare you for a 5k or 10k run, whatever cheap treadmills offer such fantastic features.

If your looking for your treadmill to provide a cardio workout or to loose weight then select the fat burn program and start your new exercise regime today. Looking for cardio workouts or extreme heart rate cardio sessions, no problem this cheap treadmill has them all.

With the custom program option you can make your own exercise program just the way you like it, 100% bespoke to you.

With cool down programs to slowly cool you down after you're running or walking session the Life Fitness range of gym machines are ideal.

A one touch quick start program gets you running straight away for days when you just want to run.

Get training tips and advice for Beginners, 5K, 10K or Half marathon training, and download FREE Training Programmes here.

The BodyTrain T1000 Treadmill has a large LCD display that's shows you a racetrack layout and your position on the racetrack its a great way to stay motivated seeing your little graphical man run round the racetrack as you can compete against your previous times and speeds or just see how quickly you can get round the racetrack today and with twelve exercise programmes built into the BodyTrain T1000 Treadmill your never get bored as there's lots of different courses to choose from and because you can see your position on the racetrack you can see the effort level required for the next bit of exercised so you can prepare yourself for that harder stage or look forward to that easier stage its all designed to keep you motivated and keep you interested in regular exercise.

If you're a beginner your find that you like to hold the handrails and moving your hands off the handrails can make you feel out of balance so BodyTrain have put the speed adjustment and stop button on the handlebars so you just have to press the speed increase or speed decrease or stop button which is right next to your fingers rather than having to reach across and lose your momentum or balance.

For easy storage this treadmill folds away simply lift up the end of the treadmill running deck and the hydraulic system will take over lifting the treadmill deck straight up into the air lifting it off the carpet and giving you your floor space back again so when your not using the treadmill you won't have to sacrifice space for it in your home.

On the main console there's a large stop button and an safety cord simply press the stop button to bring the treadmill to an immediate halt or pull the safety cord and the treadmill will immediately stop you can hold the safety cord in your hand so if you stumble or fall or just don't feel like continuing you can pull on the cord to stop the treadmill or you can clip the safety cord to your clothes.
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The included built in display records your pace, the calories used so far and per hour, the time taken, your heart rate, the distance travelled and your speed in both miles and km.