Compact and foldaway cheap treadmills at the lowest prices.

Cheap treadmills like the Life Fitness F3 Advanced treadmill are folding, these running machines are as strong and hardwearing as the non folding machines and take up half the room, perfect for your home where space is always at a premium.

Cheap Treadmills, BodyTrain T1000

Weslo, BodyTrain, Reebok and Pro Series Nautilus cheap treadmills in both folding and non folding designs.

With many advanced features and high quality design and construction these cheap treadmills are cheap in price only.

It's sturdy construction will ensure many years of trouble free use by even the most hardworking and hard training sports men.

The Life Fitness range of folding treadmills is so strong it's difficult to believe they do actually fold.

With the Life Fitness range of treadmills you will quickly reach your fitness targets, just fold out and start running or walking your way to fitness.

With a heart rate sensor built into the hand grips of these running machines, you can easily see your heart rate and know if you should be increasing your workout or just maintaining the pace.

Joint impact is 30% lower on the Life Fitness treadmill than on other brands, the reduced joint impact will reduce injury and strains.

With well placed controls always at your hand when you need them, you won't have to reach or interrupt your workout just because you want to increase the pace. These treadmills really are capable running machines.

Even with these gym machines you can still store your workout in the treadmills memory so you can come back to the same settings each time, this saves valuable time setting up and adjusting the treadmill every time you want to use it.

Fancy reading your favourite novel or a magazine while you run, you can with the F3 Advanced range of cheap treadmills as a book or magazine stand is included, this fixes your book onto the treadmill while you run.

Water bottle holders, mobile phone and iPod holders are all included on this range of running machines.

Workouts available on many treadmills for sale include hill climb, manual and random programs with a special sports training program for 5k and 10k runs.

With these cheap treadmills simply select the program that's right for you from warm up to race mode to cool down or one touch run.

Even at this price these treadmills include Polar advanced wireless ready heart rate chest straps and are compatible with the full range of Polar wireless gear.
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The built in display on the Life Fitness treadmill includes time taken, speed run in mph, distance travelled, heart rate and calories burned.