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Gym machines like the Johnson T8000 are rigid, long lasting running machines, with eight shock absorbing elements and suitability for home or commercial use these folding traedmills are ideal. With the ability to set a 1:12 hill for hill walkers and runners and a maximum user weight of 28 stone these running machines really will suit everyone.

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Iso-lateral workouts, abs workouts, weight machines, we have the gym machines to get you fit.

The Johnson T8000 has a 3.2HP powerful motor and six training programs to keep your interest. Three separate rollers cushion the treadmill running deck and provide an excellent running surface. These Johnson gym machines have a top speed of 12.5 miles an hour with manual control, weight loss programs, 5K run programs, heart rate programs and fat burn programs.

These highly specified machines by Johnson meet the needs of the most serious running machine user whilst still being suitable for the novice.

The built in digital display on these running machines display your heart rate, the distance travelled, your speed and the steepness of the hill or inclination if set.

The Johnson T8000 are rigid running machines and are not folding like other treadmills.

The T8000 comes complete with a manufacturer's one year warranty on treadmills and will get replaced or repaired quickly in the event of failure.

Running machines like the Nautilus T714 running machine will last forever, these running machines are built to last and like to be worked hard. With a dynamic shock absorbing system that actively adapts to each users weight and posture these Nautilus treadmills for sale will provide maximum comfort whilst running.

The dynamic shock absorbing system will reduce stress on your hips, knees, ankles and feet.

With a large built in display and six included running/walking programs and two heart rate programs these Johnson gym machines provide real value for money.

A new feature on the Johnson T8000 treadmill is ROC Remote Operation Control, which allows you to adjust Johnson treadmills easily without having to stretch or stop your running program.

If you have to move your treadmills UK system the four drive wheels will allow you to quickly reposition these machines.

The hardwearing running board is phenol coated to ensure long life on this high traffic area.

Included with T8000 machines are heart rate chest straps for monitoring your heart rate on the included display and ear sensors for monitoring heart rate with tiny sensors attached to your ear lobes, a third method of monitoring heart rate is also included, built in heart rate monitors in the treadmills hand grips, what other makes of running machine have all these heart rate monitoring options included.

Some running treadmill machines come with chest straps for measuring heart rate as they are comfortable, unobtrusive and ECG accurate measurement devices.

The Nautilus range of gym machines can create an incline of 15% or a 1:15 hill for runners and hill walkers who like to add hills to their running regime to add variation and improve cardio.

This running machine supports a maximum weight of just over 25 stone and so is perfect for body builders or those just starting out in weight loss.

With ten built in fitness programs and a massive 2.7HP motor you can be sure Johnson have all the features you will require.

These treadmill running machine systems have special machined rollers that are individually balanced to ensure low noise and vibration whilst still providing great comfort while running.

If you're tall then the extra long running deck will be appreciated, because as a taller person, you have a larger stride which requires a longer running deck found on T8000 treadmills.
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The Nautilus running machines have a lifetime frame warranty and a ten year, yes a full years parts warranty, with a one year labour warranty.