Home Gyms

Home gyms are becoming more and more popular every day. With some high quality pieces of durable home gym equipment, you can enjoy the convenience of a fast and thorough workout in your own home at your own convenience. Some key pieces of workout equipment are important to have. A well supplied home workout gym could include:

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Vibration Plate

Vibration plates provide a non-aerobic workout by adding resistant vibration to squats, lunges, lifts and push-ups. The vibration plate vibrates in three different directions 20 to 50 times a second. Some caution as to its use stating concerns such as cartilage damage and joint strain. But others are convinced as to its benefits citing a shorter workout with the same exercise advantages.


Long since held as the standard of gym equipment, a dependable treadmill offers the user the option of an aerobic exercise program in the comfort of their home. Adjustable for personal comforts such as incline and speed, a treadmill is a practical choice for any home gym.

Cross Trainer

Cross trainers offer the benefit of a dual workout, exercising both the upper and lower body. Cross trainers are preferred for those who desire the aerobic benefits from a treadmill but desire less impact on the joints. Cross trainers offer a glide movement which adds a smoother motion for leg and upper body mobility while providing choices for speed, incline and stride.

Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes, long being the choice for those who desire a low impact cardio workout, are ideal for the smaller space. Offering the benefits of a strong workout while being forgiving for those who prefer a milder program, the exercise bike provides the user with choices of speed, pedal resistance and incline.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines have come a long way since the wooden, chain-driven types of old. Rowing machines appeal to those who desire a more vigorous, total body workout. Adjustable for personal stamina and resistance, the rowing machine can offer the user a 900 calorie burn in a 1 hour workout thus providing the user the benefit of multiple workouts with one convenient machine.
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