Both simple and advanced running machine equipment from Cadence, Reebok and LIfe Fitness.

The Cybex Pro3 running machine is a very hard wearing treadmill, the Cybex has a low board height making it easy to get on and off the machine. A whole host of programs make this an ideal fitness machine for the seasoned runner, the Cybex Pro3 is easy to use for even the newcomer.

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Folding running machines and incline machines from York, Carl Lewis, Nautilus and Life Fitness.

All running machine programs can be changed as you run/walk so there is absolutely no need to restart your exercise just because you want to change the settings. With plenty of space for your mobile phone, mp3 player and water bottles the Cybex treadmill is a great choice.

With a maximum user weight of 29 stone the Cybex fitness machine will get you fit no matter what your weight.

In fact the Pro3 is so hardwearing that its classed as commercial quality.

Consider Free Motion Incline running machines which have rear belt drive and a high quality cushioned running deck. With the motor at the back the gym machine feels more roomy and spacious.

The Free Motion treadmill uses superior tread cushioning meaning your running or walking will give less joint impact and injury especially when not fully warmed up before your running session.

The incline or hill on this fitness machine can be adjusted from downhill to a 1:3 gradient or anywhere in between, so if you like hill walking or running, even downhill, then this is the cheap treadmill for you.

With a wide 22 inch maintenance free running belt, no user adjustment is required, so the Free Motion running machine will continue working for many years to come.

The high quality motor produces 1500Ibs of torque, so your run will be smooth and jerk free.

The extra strong running deck will provide years of service as its designed for hard use.

If your also interested in other sports, you might like Free standing punch bag who provide the largest free standing punch bag range online. Also featured maize bag, speed bag, double end bag.

The BodyTrain T1000 Treadmill is a hi-tech treadmill that's designed to be very stylish and something that would look good in every home with a very large LCD panel display with a blue backlight your be able to read the display clearly even in low light levels or even if you like to take your glasses or contacts off to exercise.

Built into the handrails are pulse sensors these shiny metal sensors measure the pulse that's in the palm of your hand and displays tour pulse rate on the LCD panel, keep in eye on your pulse rate as your exercising to see what your typical at rest pulse rate is and your pulse rate when your exercising then should these change dramatically your be able to slow down or stop your exercise regime its just one way to keep yourself safe whilst exercising.

The BodyTrain T1000 will also measure your body fat and display this for you as a body fat measurement of BMI Body Mass Index so if you have been running on your treadmill your be able to take a body fat reading and see how much body fat you have actually lost since you last took the test and over the next few weeks as you exercise more it provides great motivation to seed your body fat levels reduce when you first start running on a treadmill its hard to notice any changes if your trying to lose weight and get thinner but with body fat measurement the smallest of changes will be displayed instantly.

This is a folding treadmill when you have finished running or walking on your treadmill you can lift up the treadmill running deck and the hydraulic arm will raise the treadmill deck upright into a forty five degree angle and lock the treadmill in place for safety from the folded position you have much more floor space because the large treadmill deck has been moved to an upright position.
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The included grip bar sensors will display your heart rate on the running equipment display and is Polar wireless technology ready, if you wish to use your treadmill with other polar products.