Running treadmill machines from Cadence, Reebok 7 and Life Fitness at huge discounts.

The Life Fitness F3 running treadmill is a folding machine designed to be basic and user friendly equipment.

Running Treadmill

Reebok, Life Fitness and Nautilus running treadmill machines at the lowest prices, both folding non folding running treadmills available.

This running treadmill is folding but uniquely is still a sturdy and hardwearing equipment manufactured to a high quality in fact the Life Fitness running machine is as stable as a fixed base machine.

Exercisers around the world have come to rely upon Life Fitness treadmills for the highest level of quality and workmanship.

The inbuilt display provides everything you need for a basic running machine or walking treadmill, even hand grip heart rate sensors are included to monitor your heart rate as you exercise, simply holding the hand rail activates a sensor which measures your heart rate and displays your heart rate on the running machines screen.

The shock absorbing system used on this machine reduces joint impacts by 30% compared with road running or walking, if you suffer from joint pain, this treadmill is an ideal option to lesson joint pain while running or walking.

With well placed controls that are right there at your fingertips you won't have to reach or strain to change the treadmill settings.

With a separate control panel right next to your lower body you won't be reaching for the treadmill controls.

Easy display operation lets you select walking, jogging or running modes, on your treadmill running machine you can set incline and hill walking/jogging angles and the easy start button gets you exercising at the push of a button.

On the advanced display you can store your favourite settings in memory so each time you use your running treadmill you can simply recall your settings.

The favourite settings feature will store in memory the settings for two people making this gym machine ideal for couples and training partners.

Water bottle storage is well catered for with two large water bottle holders incorporated into the design of this gym machine. A iPod, mp3 player holder or TV remote control holder are also included making the Life Fitness running machine ideal for those wishing to watch TV or listen to music or just keep their water bottles close at hand.

Built in fitness workouts include incline or resistance running and walking, manual operation and sports training.

With this treadmill including features like one button start, as you go fitness selection and cool down programs the Life Fitness is ideal for everyday use, included on the display are heart rate monitoring, calories burned, distance travelled, speed in mph, time taken, time remaining and hill gradient.

This cheap treadmill has a built in reading rack allowing you to read magazines or books as you walk or run, with an all steel frame construction the running treadmill will last for years.

For easy storage the running machine folds, at which point your treadmill occupies far less room and is more suited to a home environment.

With heart rate monitoring through handrails, chest strap or ear lobes, every option is available for fans of this treadmill design.
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A maximum speed of 10 miles per hour ensures that even those training hard will find the Life Fitness machine essential.