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Running machines are more commonly known as treadmills and are the UK's most popular cardiovascular equipment types, treadmills are very easy to use and offer all round exercise.

Treadmills are used from everything from a relaxed walk to marathon training and all levels in between. A running machine can be used no matter how bad the weather outside, exercising in your own home is much safer than running on the roads.

Folding running machines and non folding running machines are for all levels of ability from getting fit to staying fit.Running machines that fold flat offer easy storage. Easy to follow dimension charts are available showing you the folded (see sport running machine) and unfolded sizes, so you can easily determine how much room you will require in your home.

To simply improve your aerobic fitness, just a few 30 minute sessions on your running machine are needed. This starter level of exercise allows you to walk or run without making you breathless, as your level of fitness improves, you can increase the exercise level.

Improving your aerobic fitness by using a treadmill running machine which will improve your energy levels, stamina and general well being, the act of exercise releases natural chemicals in the body which make you feel good and get happy.

When buying treadmills look for a strong well built machine, with a large walking or running area that is large enough to fit your stride. Look for a high level of shock absorption to ease you're running or walking.

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Look for adjustable levels so you can vary your routine as you train, so you won't get bored on your running machine and also to allow you to work yourself easier or harder depending on your mood.

Look for running machines that allow you to vary the speed (check sport running machine) and elevation of the running machine, (how fast you walk or run and how much of an inclination you walk on, from flat to steep hill).

Hand grips on the side of the machine or at the front will let you balance yourself should you feel a little unsteady or become tired. All machines come with a warranty and service contract as standard should you have any reason to need a service or spare part.

The larger the motor inside the running machine, the more power the treadmill will have, a treadmills power is measured in watts, the higher the watts the more powerful, if you are heavier you will need a larger motor than someone lighter, consider a cheap treadmill.

The faster you walk or run on your running machine the larger motor you will need. Treadmills have a quoted maximum speed. If your just starting to get fit, a running machine with a quoted maximum capacity of 12 km kilometres an hour, approx 7.5 miles per hour, is required.

For athletes and sportsmen, 14kph to 16kph will be required, if training for sport then up to 18 kph will be required. The gym machines running area is made up of a moving belt, the standard belt is ideal for most walkers or runners and is 18 inches in width and up to 54 inches in length. Customers with a longer stride or who are taller or have a disability should purchase running equipment with an extra wide belt, up to 20 inches in width, with a maximum length of up to 54 inches.

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Hand grips or handle bars are a safety device to support you should you miss your step or feel unsteady, the hand grips often have a heart rate monitor built in, as you hold the hand grips, a heart rate monitor senses your heart rate through a sensor which touches the palm of your hand whilst you hold the grip, your heart rate is then displayed on a screen attached to the front of most gym machines.

It is advised that you monitor your heart rate to insure that you exercise within 70 or 80 percent of your maximum at work heart rate, this applies to both expensive and cheap treadmills. Running machines contain a built-in computer which has exercise programmes built-in which allow you to have a planned exercise routine, designed around your weight, level of fitness, distance you want to walk or run and length of time you wish to exercise.

Gym machines have many different programmes built-in to give multiple different exercise routines including different inclinations or hills so you don't get bored with your exercise plan.

Typical gym machines have exercise programmes including speed building, rolling hills, alpine pass, 400km laps, track events (look at sport running machine) and 5km loops, as well as more sedate walking and running, or even constant speed programmes.

Running machines have these standard programmes built-in to add interest and challenge to your exercise plan. A pre-programmed exercise routine will help to push you further and so increase your overall level of fitness. A more aerobic workout can be easily achieved by adjusting the inclination and speed of fitness machines to simulate hills and valleys, providing a more enjoyable and formidable workout.

All treadmills for sale contain shock proofing to reduce the strain on your leg joints and muscles, there's much less chance of a stress injury on a running machine than there is on the pavement.

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Wind, rain, snow or sunshine, with England's inclement weather its no wonder that treadmills are so popular. With a heart rate monitor and heart rate tracking programmes you can safely train (see sport running machine) and monitor your condition.

We all work all day and there is rarely time for exercise especially when it is dark outside, early or late or we are just saving money on gym fees, with running machines you can exercise when and where you want.

If your feeling tired just slow down your running machine workout, if your feeling full of energy, then simply select a faster pace programme. The built-in display on most running machines will track your speed, distance, time, calories burnt and energy used, so it's easy to measure your progress. Customise the programmes to your own level of fitness.

With a running machine at home you are more likely to exercise more as the running machine is available any time you are. No matter what age you are from the young to the more senior member of the family, running treadmill machines are an excellent way to get and stay fit.

It's easy to store a folding treadmill, just unlock the deck at the side of the treadmill and pull the running deck upwards, it's a bit like opening a car boot, the deck locks in an upright position so it's nice and safe and then you can unlock the running deck and lower it to the floor when you are ready to exercise again.

Easy storage treadmills are suitable for all runners and walkers with a maximum body weight of 19 stone or 120kg so whatever your weight you can take advantage of an easy store treadmill.

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With a large running deck, you won't fall or slip off the treadmill and there's a heart rate sensor in the treadmill handlebars that displays your heart rate and distance travelled, time taken, power in watts, calories burned and time remaining.

There's an emergency stop button that is red and nice and big and will stop the treadmill immediately if you get into difficulties as well as an emergency stop key, you can put the key cord around your wrist if you wish and then if you fall off or lose your balance the cord will get pulled and the treadmill emergency stop will be activated, it's an added safety feature that depending on your comfort level with treadmills you might find useful.

With a folding treadmill it won't take up any space when your not using it (see sport running machine) and its lovely good looks won't look out of place in your home, the digital display is a joy to look at with simple touch buttons and easy to follow diagrams on the console.

The actual digital display colours are typically dark orange digits on a black background with a pale blue border, the colour choices make the display very easy to read even if your bobbing up and down running or have poor eyesight.

There's plenty of space on the console for holding your mp3 players, phones, towels and drinks. Like running up hills or using professionally designed exercise programmes then you won't be disappointed with the number of built in exercise programmes.

Do you get aching joints after running, that's due to the impact damage caused while you run, choose with a cushioned running deck you can reduce the impact caused by running by up to 15%, saving you running injuries and joint pain.

Treadmills are so easy to use, whether you exercise everyday and are a gym bunny or exercise once a week, use the running machine all the time and if you have the room you can leave it unfolded, use it occasionally and you can fold the treadmill up after every use, it's simply a matter of unlocking the treadmill and pushing the treadmill deck into the upright position, the treadmill deck slides effortlessly into and out of the upright position so it won't cause you any folding or unfolding problems.

You can even put a space saving treadmill under the bed, they are really small when folded, but don't let their folded size convince you that it is somehow a low specification treadmill or that it is not tough and up to the job of a hard pounding as you run, space saving treadmills have a powerful electric motor and can support a runner with a high body weight.

If you find running uphill fun or even walking uphill you can set an incline on the treadmill and run or walk uphill, the entire running deck lifts upwards and locks in an upright position and therefore takes up far less room in your home, you can store the treadmill against a wall or out of the way somewhere and just lower the treadmill running deck when required.

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Don't worry that you might not be able to lift the running deck up into the upright position as folding treadmills have a hydraulic system which means it's easy to open and close.

Folding treadmills typically have a top speed of 18 kph or 12 miles per hour so are really fun if your looking to run fast, of course the speed is fully controllable by a digital display so you can choose just how fast or slow you want to run or walk.

With a very large treadmill belt you donít have to be worried about falling off the treadmill, your find large treadmills are steady and easy to run on especially for the younger or older treadmill enthusiasts who might feel less steady on a running machine.

There's a range of different workout options on folding treadmills including heart rate control exercise programs that monitor your heart rate through pulse rate sensors in the handlebars (check sport running machine) and automatically adjust.

You can easily adjust the speed making the treadmill faster or slower whilst you are walking or running and you can also set the incline whilst you are walking/running, creating the effect of going uphill with the choice from flat or gentle inclines to steep 12% inclines (where every one step forward causes the incline of the hill to increase by 12 steps).

The computer console is easy to use and provides automatic display (without having to set anything up) of time taken to exercise so far, the distance you have walked or run, the speed with which you walked or run, the amount of energy you have used whilst exercising (this is measured in watts), and is great for comparing your effort level to say that of a light bulb, are you exercising hard enough to power a 50 watt or 100 watt light bulb.

The computer display also measures the incline of any hill you have selected on your exercise program, you heart rate is measured (by measuring your pulse using a pulse sensor built into the handlebars).

There's different exercise programmes from heart rate programs to fat burning, there's even programmes that will keep your heart rate constant, making the exercise easier or harder to maintain a constant heart rate.

Foldable treadmills are great for the home, when when you have finished exercising you can simply fold the treadmill up where the running deck folds upwards making the treadmill easy to store behind furniture, in the hall or in the garage, and just to make things easier there's transport wheels that allow the treadmill to be easily moved around your home when folded, great for using the treadmill in one room and storing it in another.

With high maximum user weights of up to 24 stone (150 kg / 330 lbs), so even if you're a larger man or women these treadmills will enable you to exercise and prevent muscle and joint pain and damage thanks to the orthopaedic running deck.