A wide range of treadmill running machine suppliers offreing immediate delivery including Reebok, Life Fitness, York and Carl Lewis.

The Life Fitness T3 treadmill running machine has elegant looks and a capable 3 HP power motor. and is an excellent first treadmill.

Treadmill Running Machine

Folding treadmill running machine and non folding treadmill running machines from Life Fitness, Cadence, York, Carl Lewis and Nautilus.

Life Fitness incorporates an incline motor so you can control the incline or hills in your running or walking routine.

Life Fitness treadmill running machine is a well designed treadmill with curves and elegant lines that will not look out of place in your home. The built in electronic display has both easy workouts and more intensive fitness programmes. The easy to use display has the entire workout routines needed to get fit and stay fit.

These running machines have the following features included, heart rate monitors built into the hand grips. Shock absorption system that makes joint impact 30% less than road running or walking.

Well placed display and buttons right where you need them within easy reach. Memory feature that remembers your settings and will automatically setup the running machine for you, just how you like.

The Life Fitness T3 running machine comes complete with two types of display, an advanced workout display and a basic workout display, you can choose whichever one bests suits your abilities and goals.

The T3 treadmill includes water bottle and mobile phone holders so you can have your water and mobile right there on the running machine with you. The included accessory tray will also hold MP3 players or TV remote controls.

A full range of treadmill running machine workouts are built in and include Incline and resistance running/walking, manual adjustment, hill and random settings, as well as a special sports setting for more involved workouts and cool down sessions.

The BodyTrain T1000 Treadmill is easy to used for the beginner and features quick touch controls on the handrails for speed increase, decrease and stopping, if your new to using a treadmill one of the things that most people find is that they want to hold the handrails so they can steady themselves but with many treadmills the buttons are on a separate control console where you must let go of the handrails to reach over and press the buttons this causes many people to feel unsteady with the T1000 your always holding the handrails even when your adjusting the speed or stopping the treadmill so your never feel off balance.

The T1000 treadmill features a large LCD panel display with a blue backlight that provides very good contrast even in bright light so the treadmill screen is easy to see in any lighting levels, the screen has a graphical display and shows a running track with your position on the running track represented by a little man who moves around the running track as you run, these extra little touches is what makes the T1000 treadmill special and very amusing to use but able to motivate you to have the little man complete the workout.

There's twelve exercise programmes built into the treadmill computer these let you select one of twelve different running courses with various different goals in mind like losing weight or shaping and toning legs or increasing your cardiovascular activity and many others these exercise programmes alter the speed of the treadmill as you run making for a totally different running course.

There's even a body fat test programme which you can run and resistance sensors in the handrails measure the fat resistance of your body to calculate your body fat measured inn BMI Body Mass Index.
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The built in display on this cheap treadmill has indicators for calories used, current heart rate, distance travelled, time taken and time remaining, speed in both mph and kph.