Massive discounts on treadmills for sale from York, Carl Lewis and Nautilus.

Treadmills for sale include the Precor C936i, this running machine includes many weight loss and weight management programs to help you lose weight and maintain your weight. Available now including a low level running board for easy access and set down.

Treadmills For Sale

Folding and non folding treadmills for sale at low prices, Reebok series 7, Life Fitness F3, Cadence M6 and York T101.

The inbuilt display is touch sensitive and immune to sweaty hands and fingers. Of the many treadmills for sale here the Precor is one of the highest quality. Precor running machines are widely known for their low maintenance and sturdy construction.

Some running machines are noisy as they have a separate fan which must cool the motor, all our Precor treadmills us a self spinning cooling fan, which cools the powerful 3HP motor, the inbuilt cooling fan will increase the life of the motor by many years.

The Precor C936i running machines include six workout programs to add variety to your daily workouts and a touch sensitive display, touch sensitive keys are more robust than switches and don't wear out like other running machines using conventional switches.

These Precor treadmills include a feature for you to enter your weight so while you are doing your cardio training the heart rate monitor will take account of your weight and display your accurate heart rate while you work.

The built in display opens up to reveal a handy storage area for running machine accessories.

With the handlebar grips incorporating heart rate monitor sensors, you can easily measure your heart rate without needing to use additional monitoring equipment on treadmills UK equipment.

All Precor treadmills for sale have ergonomically designed handgrips for safety and assurance whilst running or walking.

The Precor C936i running machine features Cardio Theater and Fitlinxx CSAFE adapters so you can use these ranges of equipment from other manufacturers with your Precor running machine, this adds value to your purchase as you don't have to buy more accessories.

All the Precor treadmills include a running board shock absorber system which reduces impact on your back, knees and legs.

With a 1:15 hill incline available the Precor running treadmill is ideal for practicing hill walking and running, you can work on different muscle groups with different training exercises.

Precor running machines have a quality running board with a hard wearing belt, no oil or maintenance is required, and the running belt can be turned over to increase the life of the belt, all Precor treadmills have this feature.

Whilst using a powerful 3HP motor producing a top speed of 11 mph, these running machines are very quiet as the utilise a fan less cooling system mounted directly on the motor, this fan less cooling system increases the life of your treadmill running machine.

As you run or walk your gait (the way you hold yourself) changes, other makes of running machine do not take account of gait but the Precor treadmills for sale here use technology to monitor your gait and adjust the speed to match your gait ensuring you run or walk naturally.
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The Precor C936i has several training programs available including weight loss training, heart rate cardio training and cross country training, of course manual control of all programs is also available.