The cheapest prices from Treadmills UK running machines.

Treadmills UK stock the largest range of Vision running machines including the Vision T9700HRT, this first class corporate quality running machine is is ideal as hard working, top quality home or corporate fitness equipment. With built in features like heart rate monitoring and solid frame construction, the treadmills available are suitable for home as well as corporate environments like hotels and gyms.

Treadmills UK

Treadmills UK have folding and non folding UK treadmills for all levels of ability and pocket from getting fit to gym training.

With a powerful 3HP heavy duty motor and individual fan assisted cooling, running machines from Treadmills UK will give years of service.

The included heart rate sensors are mounted on the hand grips and also a heart rate monitor chest strap is included along with ear sensors for those more comfortable having the heart rate monitored at the ear.

Taller fitness fans will appreciate these running machines, the Vision treadmill has a longer running board designed for a taller persons increased stride.

With a 15% hill incline these treadmills are well suited for hill walkers and runners, with a maximum running weight of 28 stone our heavier runners are well catered for. It's not your starting running weight that matters, it's your end weight, and your ability to make small changes in your fitness regime that will help you to lose weight.

The Vision T9700HRT has many training programs available including fat burn, rolling hills, speed walk, 5K run, 10K run, ocean view run, hill walking and may more, these different training programs are designed to keep you engaged and enjoying the variety of different running treadmill programs.

With a maximum running speed of 12.5 mph treadmills from Treadmills UK are well suited to the avid sportsman or women as well as beginners.

As well as a wide choice of complex running programs, you can also use the machine as a simple start and run machine, its simple controls allow hop on and run and hop on and walk modes.

You won't find a more capable treadmill, the Vision treadmill is designed to be very hardworking.

To accurately measure a persons ECG or heart rate a chest strap must be warn on treadmill running machine gym equipment, the input into the display of the user's body weight also ensures that they heart rate is accurately calculated and ongoing live updates of your current at rest and at rate heart rate are displayed on the screen.

As well as chest straps for heart rate monitoring, also available are ear sensors and hand grip sensors, so whichever method of monitoring you feel comfortable with is already included in the package.
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Vision Fitness treadmills are stylish treadmills featuring many advanced features like the Phil Campbell Sprint training program and has become a benchmark in the industry for running machine equipment.